Choosing the right roofing sheets for your project in Nigeria can be a daunting task, especially with the variety of options available in terms of size, design, quality, and price. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll explore different types of roofing sheets commonly found in the Nigerian market, focusing on their features, advantages, and price points.

Here are 10 things to consider when choosing a cheap roofing sheet:

  • Durability: How long do you expect the roofing sheet to last? Cheap roofing materials may not be as durable as more expensive materials, so you may need to replace them sooner.
  • Weight: Is the roofing sheet light enough to be installed on your roof? Heavy roofing sheets can be difficult and expensive to install.
  • Appearance: Do you like the appearance of the roofing sheet? Cheap roofing materials may not be as aesthetically pleasing as more expensive materials.
  • Warranty: Does the roofing sheet come with a warranty? A warranty will protect you if your roof leaks or is damaged within a certain period.
  • Climate: What is the environment in your area? Choose a roofing sheet that is well-suited to your climate. For example, if you live in a hot environment, you may want to choose a roofing sheet that is reflective and helps keep your home cool.
  • Roof pitch: What is the pitch of your roof? Some roofing sheets are not suitable for roofs with a steep pitch.
  • Roof structure: What is the structure of your roof? Some roofing sheets are not suitable for roofs with weak structures.
  • Budget: How much money do you have to spend on a roofing sheet? Cheap roofing materials may be less expensive upfront, but they may not be as durable or long-lasting as more expensive materials.
  • Installation: Who will be installing the roofing sheet? If you are not experienced in roofing, you may want to hire a professional roofer.
  • Maintenance: How much maintenance is required for the roofing sheet? Some roofing materials require more maintenance than others.

It is important to weigh all of these factors when choosing a cheap roofing sheet. By choosing the right roofing sheet for your needs, you can save money on your roofing project and get a new roof that will last for many years to come.

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Cheapest Roofing Sheets in Nigeria and Prices

  • Zinc Roofing Sheets

Zinc roofing sheets are known for their affordability and durability. They’re resistant to rust and corrosion, making them suitable for areas with high rainfall or humidity. Lightweight and easy to install, they’re a cost-effective roofing solution. They can be as cheap as #1300 per sheet.

However, they can be noisy during heavy rainfall and may require regular maintenance to prevent rusting. Despite these drawbacks, zinc roofing sheets remain a viable option for budget-conscious builders.

  • Aluminum Roofing Sheets

Aluminum roofing sheets are renowned for their durability, lightweight construction, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. They can withstand heavy rain, strong winds, and hailstorms, often lasting for decades with proper care.

Their lightweight nature eases installation and reduces structural strain. Aluminum reflects sunlight, enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, they’re fire-resistant, needing minimal maintenance—just routine inspections, occasional cleaning, and small repairs.

Aluminum Roofing Sheet Prices in Nigeria

  • Long span: 0.45mm thickness at N2,800/sqm
  • Long span: 0.50mm thickness at N3,200/sqm
  • Long span: 0.55mm thickness at N3,750/sqm
  • Long span: 0.70mm thickness at N6,700/sqm
  • Step-tile: 0.45mm thickness at N3,100/sqm
  • Step-tile: 0.50mm thickness at N3,450/sqm
  • Step-tile: 0.55mm thickness at N3,950/sqm
  • Metcoppo: 0.50mm thickness at N3,450/sqm
  • Metcoppo: 0.55mm thickness at N4,000/sqm
  • Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets

Stone-coated roofing sheets offer a blend of durability and aesthetics. These sheets consist of a steel core coated with acrylic resin and natural stone chips, providing strength, longevity, and resistance to harsh weather conditions. They’re fire-resistant, rot-resistant, and protect against insects.

Besides durability, these roofing sheets are lightweight, reducing structural load and simplifying installation. They reflect sunlight, improving energy efficiency. Low maintenance requirements make them easy to care for, requiring only regular inspections and cleaning.

Stone-Coated Roofing Sheet Prices in Nigeria

  • Milano: 0.55mm thickness at N3,900/sqm
  • Classic: 0.55mm thickness at N3,850/sqm
  • Bond: 0.55mm thickness at N3,850/sqm
  • Shingles: 0.55mm thickness at N3,900/sqm
  • Roman: 0.55mm thickness at N4,000/sqm
  • Shake: 0.55mm thickness at N4,100/sqm
  • Fiber Cement Roofing Sheets

Fiber cement roofing sheets, composed of cement, cellulose fibers, and additives, offer durability, affordability, and fire resistance. They withstand harsh weather conditions, resist insects and rodents, and require minimal maintenance.

These sheets come in various colors and designs, allowing customization to match personal preferences. However, it’s crucial to ensure they are asbestos-free, as asbestos can be harmful to your health if inhaled.

Fiber Cement Roofing Sheet Prices in Nigeria:

  • Fiber cement roofing sheets: N3,400/sqm
  • Fiber cement step-tile roofing sheets: N4,900/sqm

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