One kind of roofing material that combines the strength of metal with the organic beauty of stone is stone-coated roofing sheets. They are constructed from acrylic-coated metal plates that have crushed stone applied on top. They are an appealing and durable choice for roofing because of their distinctive construction. Stone-coated roofing sheets come in an array of hues and designs to complement any type of house or structure. They are a popular option for both new building and restoration projects since they are energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial.

In Nigeria, stone-coated roofing is a popular option because of its strength, resilience to weather, and visual appeal. With the appearance of more conventional roofing materials like clay or slate but with the advantages of metal roofing, it is made out of metal roofing tiles coated in stone chips. Stone-coated roofing is a practical and fashionable choice for homes and structures in Nigeria because of its durability and resistance to extreme weather.

Type of Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets


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A form of roofing material known as shingle stone coated roofing is composed of a base material, usually made of steel, that is covered in a layer of stone chips. Its rough, organic look is akin to that of ancient roofing materials like slate or clay as a result of the stone coating. This kind of roofing is renowned for being long-lasting, impact-resistant, and weather-resistant. It is also resistant to fire and offers superior UV protection.


Steel is used to make bond tile stone-coated roofing, which is covered with stone chips to give the material a textured, classic tile-like appearance. It is resilient to weather, long-lasting, and available in a range of hues and styles to go with diverse architectural themes. Bond tile stone-coated roofing is lightweight, which eases installation and lessens the building’s structural stress. It gives the property enduring protection and a stylish, traditional appearance.


The traditional appearance of clay or concrete tiles combined with the strength and light weight of steel is known as classical tile stone-coated roofing. Stone granules are applied to the roofing panels to improve the roof’s visual appeal and to protect them from the weather. For homes seeking a long-lasting and stylish roofing solution, this kind of roofing is well-liked due to its longevity and resilience to inclement weather.


A kind of roofing material that mimics the look of wood shakes but has the strength and weather resilience of steel is called shake tile stone-coated roofing sheets. Stone granules are applied to these sheets for both protection and visual appeal. They are an attractive choice for homeowners who want the advantages provided by modern roofing supplies with a timeless, organic look.


Stone chips are applied to metal sheets to create a form of roofing material known as rainbow tile stone coated roofing sheets, which offers durability and visual appeal. These roofing sheets are renowned for their durability and are offered in a range of hues that resemble conventional clay or concrete tiles. Both residential and commercial roofing applications frequently use them.


One form of roofing material is Golan tile stone coated roofing sheets, which are composed of metal sheets covered in stone chips. These sheets are renowned for their strength and visual attractiveness, and they are made to seem like classic Golan tiles. They are frequently utilized in roofing projects for both homes and businesses.


Metal sheets covered in stone chips make up the Milano tile stone coated roofing sheets type of roofing material. These roofing sheets are renowned for their strength and elegant design, and they resemble classic Milano tiles. Both residential and commercial roofing applications frequently use them.

The quality of the base materials used for stone coated roofing is crucial for creating a roof that will be durable and long-lasting. High-quality metal sheets provide a strong, rust-resistant base for the stone chips, which are then bonded using a high-quality adhesive and coated with a protective layer. The quality of these base materials is important for preventing cracking, chipping, and corrosion over time. Additionally, a high-quality base helps to ensure that the roof will be able to withstand the elements and provide reliable protection for years.

Boral Steel and Decra are two of the most popular and trusted brands for stone coated roofing materials in Nigeria. Both brands offer products that are designed for the unique climate and environment of Nigeria, and both have a reputation for quality and durability. In terms of quality, Boral Steel is considered to be one of the highest quality stone coated roofing materials on the market, while Decra also has a reputation for quality and reliability. Both brands offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a product.

While metal and plastic roofing sheets can be viable options in Nigeria, they are often not as high quality as Boral Steel or Decra. This is because Boral Steel and Decra offer a higher level of durability and resistance to weather and other elements. They are also often more aesthetically pleasing, as they are designed to resemble traditional roofing materials like slate or tiles. Metal and plastic roofing sheets are often cheaper options, but they may not offer the same level of performance or look as Boral Steel or Decra.

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