The significance of a sturdy and reliable roof cannot be overstated when it comes to protecting our homes and businesses from the ever-changing weather. Ado Ekiti, a vibrant city in Nigeria, is no exception to this rule. One company that stands out in delivering quality stone-coated roofing and rain gutter solutions in Ado Ekiti is the trusted name – “Call/WhatsApp 08085310359.”

Customer Satisfaction: Our Top Priority

In the world of roofing and gutter systems, customer satisfaction should always be the guiding principle. With the slogan, “Customers satisfaction is our watchword,” this company not only provides top-notch products but also prioritizes your satisfaction. In a market full of options, they aim to be your first choice for roofing and gutter solutions in Ado Ekiti.

Quality Materials: Milano in Black

Their stone-coated roofing material, known as Milano in black, offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Milano is a popular choice worldwide for its classic and timeless appearance. In black, it adds a touch of elegance to your property while providing exceptional durability and weather resistance. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners who seek a long-lasting and attractive roofing solution.

Are you looking for a reliable and highly experienced dealer of roofing sheets that can deliver to any location in Nigeria? If so, we highly recommend Engr. Imran Ayub , CEO of Imran Roofing and his company based in Lagos, offer a nationwide delivery.
Engr. Imran Ayub's company Imran Roofing is our top recommendation because he takes the time to educate his customers on their roofing needs, budgeting, and other important information. Additionally, he exclusively sells high-quality roofing sheets that come with comprehensive warranties, and his prices are unbeatable.
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Rain Gutters in White

Rain gutters are an essential part of any building, helping to manage rainwater effectively, preventing damage to your property, and maintaining its structural integrity. The company offers high-quality white rain gutters, ensuring that your building stays dry and safe, even during the heaviest rains. These gutters are not just practical but also add to the overall aesthetics of your property.

Why Choose Stone-Coated Roofing?

  1. Durability: Stone-coated roofing is built to last for decades, even in the harshest weather conditions.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Milano in black adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your property.
  3. Weather Resistance: These roofs can withstand heavy rains, hailstorms, and scorching sun.
  4. Low Maintenance: Once installed, stone-coated roofing requires minimal maintenance.

Why Opt for White Rain Gutters?

  1. Water Management: Rain gutters protect your property from water damage by efficiently channeling rainwater away.
  2. Enhances Property Value: Well-maintained gutters add to the overall value and curb appeal of your property.
  3. Prevents Erosion: Properly functioning gutters help prevent soil erosion around your building.


The roofing and gutter solutions offered by “Call/WhatsApp 08085310359” have the power to transform Ado Ekiti’s cityscape. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality products, they are undoubtedly a company to consider for all your roofing and rain gutter needs.

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When it comes to Milano stone-coated roofing in black and white rain gutters, you can trust this company to deliver excellence, protecting your property and enhancing its overall appeal.

Don’t wait any longer. Secure your home or business with quality stone-coated roofing and rain gutters today. Call/WhatsApp 08085310359 and take the first step towards a safer, more beautiful Ado Ekiti.