In a significant move to support the growth of Nigeria’s construction and building sectors, BUA Cement Plc has announced a reduction in the price of its cement to N3,500 per bag, effective from October 2, 2023. This decision comes as part of BUA Cement’s commitment to spurring development in the building materials and infrastructure industries.

The management of BUA Cement Plc officially disclosed this price reduction in a statement released on October 1, 2023. They have decided to expedite the price reduction, allowing Nigerians to start benefiting from these cost savings even before the completion of their new production lines.

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The statement by BUA Cement Plc’s management highlights their dedication to enhancing the construction landscape in Nigeria. The company’s ongoing construction of new production lines is expected to be completed by the end of the year. These new facilities will significantly increase BUA Cement’s production capacity to a staggering 17 million metric tonnes per annum.

Furthermore, BUA Cement Plc has indicated its intention to conduct a comprehensive review of prices once the new plants are fully operational, which is anticipated to be in the first quarter of 2024. This commitment underscores the company’s willingness to provide affordable and competitive pricing for its customers.

Importantly, BUA Cement Plc has assured that all pending undelivered orders, which were paid for at the old prices, will be adjusted downwards to N3,500 per bag in accordance with the new pricing, effective from October 2, 2023. The company has also urged its licensed dealers to ensure that end-users benefit from this reduction in ex-factory prices. They have pledged to closely monitor field sales to ensure compliance with the new pricing structure.

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