Imagine a special place where luxury and comfort meet – that’s exactly what Imran Service Apartment is all about. Imran Roofing recently showed off their first-ever fancy apartment to the world, and it’s a big deal! The Apartment was unveiled on Saturday , 12th of August , 2023 . Imran Roofing, known for its expertise in roofing solutions, has taken a new step into the world of modern living with Imran Services Apartment. Their 1-bedroom apartment offering in Baruwa Ipaja, Lagos State is turning heads and offering an affordable taste of luxury living. Let’s break it down

Location Matters:

Situated in the heart of Baruwa Ipaja in Lagos State, Imran Services Apartment enjoys a prime location. It’s not too far from essential places like shops, schools, and hospitals. This means you can have a peaceful place to live while staying connected to the city’s conveniences.

Luxury Within Reach:

Imran Services Apartment wants to make luxury living accessible. Their 1-bedroom apartments is designed to be both comfortable and affordable. With attention to detail, these apartments are stylishly furnished with every basic.  At Imran Services Apartment, we’ve made sure you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. We provide amenities like  washing machine, microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator, and more – you name it, we’ve got it! Your convenience is our priority.  to ensure you feel right at home. Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, these apartments have got you covered.

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Comfort and Amenities:

Inside these apartments, you’ll find a cozy bedroom to relax in. The living area is spacious enough to hang out with friends or just chill. The modern kitchen comes with everything you need to cook your meals. And the bathroom? Well, it’s designed with style and functionality in mind.

Affordable Living:

Imran Services Apartment understands that everyone wants a nice place to live without spending a fortune. That’s why they offer their 1-bedroom apartments at a discounted price of just 25,000 Naira per night. It’s a great deal for the quality and comfort you get.

Amenities and Facilities:

Imran Services Apartment is all about enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Our 1-bedroom apartment comes complete with a range of amenities that elevate the living experience:

  1. Bedroom: The well-appointed bedroom offers a relaxing sanctuary to unwind after a long day. Thoughtfully designed with comfort in mind, it ensures a restful night’s sleep.
  2. Living Area: The spacious living area is designed to be versatile, providing the perfect space to entertain guests, spend quality time with loved ones, or simply relax and enjoy your favorite book or movie.
  3. Kitchen: The apartment boasts a modern and functional kitchen equipped with essential appliances and ample storage space, making meal preparation a breeze.
  4. Bathroom: The bathroom reflects the same attention to detail as the rest of the apartment. It features contemporary fixtures and a clean design aesthetic.

The launch of Imran Service Apartment is like the beginning of a cool story. On August 15th, 2023, everyone got a sneak peek into how amazing these apartments are. They’re like a mix of fancy and cozy, and Imran roofing has done a great job making them. So, if you’re thinking about a nice place to live, keep an eye on Imran Service Apartment – they’ve got something really special going on!

Pictures from Imran Services Apartment at Baruwa Ipaja, Lagos State!