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Roofing sheets are one of the most important materials required for a building project.

Asides from the fact, that they serve as covering for a building, they also add elegance and beauty in their way to the building.

The importance of knowing the right roofing sheet cannot be overemphasized.

Join me, as I will be talking you through the various type of roofing types.

It is important to decide on your roofing type, before doing your woodwork. This is because the woodwork for a type of roof might not be usable for another type.

Hence, the woodwork for each type of roofing sheet is different.

It’s one thing to get roofing sheets it is another thing to get the right roofing sheet that fits the type of building and does the work you need it to do.

Roofing sheets are available in different types and sizes. We will be looking at the various types.

Are you looking for a roofing system that combines a classic beauty of slate, stylish shingles, then the best option for your building is then a stone-coated roof.

The roofing sheet is made from steel or similar metal sheets. They are coated with hops from stones fixed on the acrylic film making them durable, elegant and reliable.

This type of roofing sheet is regarded as one of the most lasting roofing sheets tests more expensive than most other types of sheets.


ADVANTAGES Of Stone Coated Roofing

Though they are expensive, but stone coated roofing sheets cones with the following advantages

  • Long-Lasting Beauty: Are you someone who is a sticker for anything to impress and show-off class, then stone-coated is the best option for you. It’s far more beautiful and elegant than any other roofing option in Nigeria.
  • Interlocking panel, slates, clay or syringe armaterialsal used in building stone coated roofing sheets. They help to resist damage caused by heavy rainfall. They are warranted for the lifetime of the house
  • Soundproof: If you are not comfortable with the noise impact on roofs durinrainfallll, stone coated is your best bet. During heavy downpours, you will barely hear it as the raindrops fall on your roof.
  • Lightweight: Heavy roofing puts excess weight on the building structure and can cause cracks in the building or collapse eventually. The best way to escape this collateral damage is by using stone coated roof because tests are light in weight. The lighter the weight of your roofing the better for the building.

Fire and hearesistancent: The stone coat on the roofing sheet enables it to resist fire and heat.

To minimise heat in your building during summer, stone coated roofing sheet is the right option to consider.

To enjoy these benefits, it’s important to note that the best quality thesis roofing sheets should be used. Some clients prefer cheap materials but later regret purchasing.

One of our clients lost millions of naira making use of Aluminum roofing materials, thinking she bought Stone coated roofing sheet (Bond Design Unknown to her, she was given a quote for stone coated roofing sheet, in place for Aluminium roofing.

After installation, the whole roof started to leak, she reached out to us and we took up the whole roofing job.

Getting the best quality is not farfetched,
The professionals at Imran Roofing company have a decade of experience in offering the best and quality New Zealand and South Korea  Stone Coated Roofing sheets.

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